Business Plan


This document outlines NLC’s approach over the next three years, 2017-2020, to ensure the collective efforts of the organization are channeled effectively to support NLC’s Mission, Vision and Values. It describes NLC’s strategic priorities, performance criteria and the environment within which NLC operates. It provides guidance for all staff in their day-to-day decisions and actions. Finally, it provides a level of transparency and accountability that is meant to provide all stakeholders with confidence in NLC’s ability to execute the strategy and associated initiatives thatwill determine NLC’s success in the coming three years.


This submission provides a three year outlook on NLC’s overall strategic direction however, because of the difficulty predicting future circumstances, including whether or not NLC will have a role resulting from the legalization of cannabis. This plan does not identify the specific initiatives that will be undertaken after 2018. Specific initiatives and priorities in 2019 and 2020 will be determined as dictated by circumstances at the time and will be referenced in NLC’s annual reports. Further, this document focuses on high-level issues of concernat the Board level – it is not meant to coveroperational or business unit level issues.

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